Flower girl scared to walk down aisle, guests howl in laughter how groomsman saves the day

Being a flower girl is an honor and something that many little girls dream about, but whoever said it was an easy job, clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Walking down the aisle before the bride and being the center of attention is bound to make everyone nervous, and for the little girl in the video below, the tension was just too much to bear. 
Despite encouragements she received from the other members of the wedding party, the little girl refused to carry through with her duties as a flower girl. However, just as everyone was ready to give up on trying to convince her to finish her walk down the aisle, one of the groomsmen stepped in and saved the day. 
The man who is most likely the girl’s dad managed to make her laugh and thus relieve some of the tension of the moment. This way, the little girl was able to continue her walk down the aisle in a beautiful and graceful way. 
Luckily, the entire moment was captured on video, and it’s something that will instantly put a smile on your face. So take a look and don’t forget to share this with others who might appreciate it as well. 

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