Flower Girl Dances At Wedding Reception – Crowd Is In Stitches When The Song Switches

Everybody loves a good wedding, right? There are flowers, good food, good music and people coming together to celebrate the power of love. So it’s no surprise that people find it easier to loosen up and have a good time at these types of events.
As soon as the bride and groom dance has come to an end, and the lights start to dim down, people start heading towards the dance floor to showcase their best moves and have fun with friends and loved ones.
That is exactly what the flower girl in the video below did, and she ended up stealing the spotlight from everyone else. We don’t know if it was because of all the sugar from the wedding cake she’s had or just due to the excitement of the day, but this little girl craved all the attention with her high-energy dance.
People instantly gathered around to take a closer look at her skills as a dancer, and it’s safe to say that everyone was impressed by her energetic moves. And the little girl seemed to love all the attention, and the more people encouraged her from the side, the more energy she put into her impromptu performance.
And when the famous “Gangnam Style” song came on, she took over the entire dance floor because she obviously needed more space to properly express herself.
If you are in need of a good laugh just about now, this is the video for you. And if you want to spread the joy, then all you have to do is hit that Share button.


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