These puppier are at their first swimming lesson

When they made contact with the pool water for the first time, the new breed Golden Retriever puppies were very fearful. Every little courage and made their paws in the water entering the install panic and retreated quickly. Even if everything was not going to be easy, their owners have not given up and continued to motivate them to carry out new activities

Encouragement of others bore fruit when the little Pink, a puppy and agile fighter who does not leave defeated by any obstacle. The other quadrupeds but did not seem willing to take his example and some of them moved away increasingly louder pool.

To help them to overcome their fear, at a time enters the stage mother of nine puppies. Surely this was the impetus that most had so much need. After making a tour through litter giving them to understand that he wanted very much to follow, the female has leapt to the middle of the pool and I waited patiently there. Slowly the dogs and took courage and mincing headed by their mother they closely monitor every move. For the care of this puppy litter is boundless!

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