Firemen and police officers line up, create a hilarious music video to “Uptown Funk”

It seems like most videos of police officers being made public for the audience today include unfortunate incidents or events such as footage of officer-involved shootings or body-mounted videos of suspects resisting arrest.
But the folks at the East Bay SPCA of California decided to change things up and show another face of police officers and firemen. The goal was to show that despite the seriousness of the job they do, at the end of the day, police officer and firemen are only human, just like you and me.
They too like to loosen up from time to time, dance with friends and just have a good time. The way they decided to get this message across was through a parody of a famous Bruno Mars song called Uptown Funk.
The men and women put away they serious facade for a few moment and showed off their best dance moves for the camera. And people seemed to love the result!
The clip got millions of views on YouTube alone, and ultimately brought smiles and laughter into the hearts and homes of millions of people from across the Globe.
To make things even better, the fine men and women who took part in this clip also had an alternative reason for creating a viral video. They wanted to raise awareness for dogs who are looking for a forever home and who are awaiting adoption.
They managed to get a large part of the community involved, so I guess it’s safe to say it was a success all the way.

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