Fireman Saves An Unexpected Member Of The Family

This video was posted on Youtube in 2013 but it`s still viral. The viral video was watched b 24 mil people!

Cory Kalanick, a fireman from Fresno, CA, became an overnight hero after he posted the following footage taken by his helmet’s GoPro camera.

In july 2013, after a house fire in Fresco, firefighter Cory Kalanick began a routine sweep of this still smoke-laden family home. He finds a kitten unconscious on the floor of one of the rooms and he quickly leaves to attempt to resuscitate the limp animal. Once outside, you can see a young girl, standing with hands clutched over her mouth, as she awaits the fate of her kitten, the aptly-named Lucky. After administering air and cooling the kitten with water, its fragile little body finally starts to move.Share This Video For This Big Hero !

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