Heartwarming moment baby deer mistakes logger for its “mom”

Baby deer have to be some of the most adorable creatures in the animal kingdom, don’t you think? Their sweet little faces and those big, dewy eyes are bound to make everyone instantly fall in love with them. It’s what happened to the logger in the adorable video below. The man was driving his truck on a forest road when he came across two little fawns just sitting in the middle of the dusty road. With their mom nowhere in sight, the man decided to get down from his truck and inspect the situation from up close!

Youtube screenshot

As he slowly walked up to the baby deer, the most incredible thing happened. Instead of running away from him, one of the deer actually went straight to him; most likely thinking the man was its mom. The fawn became instantly attached to him, but the man made sure to lead the baby deer back into the forest where its camouflage will help it stay safe from top predators.

Youtube screenshot

There were many people who asked why the logger didn’t take the fawn to a rescue center, as it seemed to be abandoned by its mom. However, it’s important to know the doe will rarely be found near her fawn for the first few weeks of its life. That’s because her presence may attract predators. So staying far away from her fawn is actually meant to keep the baby deer safe. Let’s hope these adorable little guys will be okay and that they will able to stay out of harm’s way!

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