Father Bird Feeds Baby Parrot After Mother Dies

Life is beautiful but it’s far from being perfect. And sometimes, heartbreaking things happen, like losing a parent. And when that happens, the remaining parent has to fill in and be both the mother and the father for the children’s sake.
And as you can see from the touching video below, this is true for humans as it is for animals. In it, a parrot dad can be seen feeding its baby himself after mom died, and it’s something that will most likely put tears in your eyes.
Just like any loving parents, the parrot dad is determined to be there for his baby and make sure the baby is safe and well-fed. Although it’s usually the moms who do this for their babies, dad stepped in when his baby needed him the most.
Dad took over feeding the baby full time. And according to the clip’s description on YouTube, the baby is doing well as a part of a free flying crew of Sun Conures, a group of loving people who do educational parrot shows at state and county fairs and work to take parrots back in places they are gone from.
Take a look:

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