The Fascinating True Story Behind 1950s Poodle Skirts Few People Have Ever Heard

If you like fashion or if you just like knowing things that not a lot of people know, then you’ll want to read this post.
Remember poodle skirts? These full, swinging skirts with all kinds of fun appliqués, and a design that accentuated the waist were famous in the 1950s and came in all kinds of patterns and styles.
The poodle skirt became the must-have fashion item of the era, but few people actually know the story behind how these statement pieces came to market. And it’s quite a fascinating one.
As it turns out, the poodle skirt didn’t even start with a poodle. Back in 1947 when it was first created, actress and singer Juli Lynne Charlot was on top of her game. And believe it or not, the poodle dress actually started with her.
The actress who was then 25-years-old was invited to a Christmas party, but had nothing to wear to the event. All girls reading this can relate. But luckily for her, her mom actually owned a factory that used felt.
The actress took inspiration from that. Here’s what she later stated about that moment that quite probably changed fashion history: “I cut the circle out of felt, which allowed me to cut a complete circle skirt without having any seams. I added some whimsical Christmas motif appliqués and the result was so attractive that I received many compliments at the party.”
Before she could wrap her head around what was going on, she was getting more orders from women who wanted a dress just like hers than she could honor.
So the puddle skirt – a fashion icon of the 1950s – wasn’t born in the creation room of a famous designer. It’s a result of a woman having to make the most of available resources. Pretty cool, right?















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