Farmer turns the camera on, posts video that millions have fallen in love with

They say that no work is too hard or too boring when you put your heart into it and keep a positive mindset. Well, the farmer in the video below definitely seems to apply this mantra when working at his farm in Sharon Springs, New York.
The man recently shared his secret to getting things done faster at his farm, a secret that up until recently only his close friends and family knew about.
As you can see from the clip below, the man likes to practice his hilarious dance moves to the popular song “Cheap Thrills” from Sia when taking a break from his farm duties.
According to an interview he recently gave to an online publication, it’s not uncommon for him to do crazy things and have some fun when working on his farm. But he never expected his antics to make him an internet sensation overnight.
The clip below showing him bust some moves in the middle of his farm animals has been viewed over 11 million times and shared by almost a hundred thousand people.
Make sure you’re not the only one among your friends who hasn’t seen it yet. This is hilarious!

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