Everyone Was Disgusted By What These Girls Were Trying To Do During The Movie. But Then A Little Boy Said This.

Respect means so much. On a practical level , we could say that respect means to consider the feelings, needs , ideas , wishes and preferences of someone . We can also say that it means to take all of the above , seriously, and to make them be valuable and worthwhile . In fact , to have respect for someone it is similar to cherish him as a person , his thoughts and feelings . Respect shown through behavior and can be felt. We can wear so as to be considered respectful , we feel respect for someone and we can feel we are respected. Because it is possible behave so as not to show what we really feel , the feeling of respect is more important than behavior without feeling. When there are feelings , behavior will derive from here . But the lesson offered by the boy in the story below is very important for everyone.


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