Elvis Made It Famous. But When Andrea Bocelli Sings It, Tears Fall Down Everyone’s Face

Andrea Bocelli is best known for his incredible opera singing, but that doesn’t mean he can’t tackle other music genres as well with great success. And the incredible performance captured in the video below definitely proves it.
Bocelli’s rendition of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” during one of his concerts came as a surprise for people in the audience who came there to listen to him sing opera, but it’s safe to say that no one was disappointed.
As Andrea Bocelli admitted in one of his interviews, Elvis has always been a favorite of him and getting to sing his songs in front of big audience is an honor and a privilege to him – a privilege that he clearly doesn’t take lightly.
His fondness of the song is obvious by the expression on Bocelli’s face as he performs the song at the Lake Las Vegas Resort, and the audience was quick to respond with applause.
If you have any friends who are big Elvis Presley fans, make sure to share this incredible rendition by Andrea Bocelli with them. They will surely be pleasantly surprised by this new version of the song.
What an amazing voice!

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