Dying girl rescues a kitten. When she passes away, the kitten rescues her heartbroken family


Some say that there are no coincidences in life and that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not always capable of understanding it.
Well, I don’t know about that, but the truth is that some things in life seem meant to happen.
When Kylie, the girl in the video below, was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer at the age of twelve, her parents were absolutely devastated. They felt helpless and powerless. The only thing they could do was to promise their daughter that they would give her a kitten when she got through with chemotherapy.
Kyle’s conditioned worsened, however, and she asked her parents to get her the promised cat. She only had one request; that the cat would be a rescue. Her parents couldn’t say no, despite them having multiple pets, already, and adopted a kitty named Liza.
Liza helped Kyle in ways no one could have ever anticipated. She lifted the girl’s morale and helped her find excitement in life. With Liza by her side, Kyle was just happier.
Still, Kyle’s health condition wasn’t getting any better, and sadly, the girl ultimately passed away. After the tragic event had occurred, Liza was always by the family’s side to comfort them. When Kyle’s mom Robin would just sit on the sofa for hours and hours in a row thinking about her daughter, Liza would never leave her side.
“I’ve heard people describe animals like angels. I never really understood what that meant until Liza met Kylie,” said Robin in a recent interview.
It was Kylie’s family who saved Liza first, but in the end, she saved them right back. This is their touching story: