Drone Captures Mysterious Cave Deep In Vietnamese Forest, Footage Reveals Forgotten Kingdom.

It’s been said before, but it’s something worth repeating: Nature is awesome. There’s no artist than can truly replicate or even come close to creating the kind of masterpiece that Mother Nature has created. Us humans are lucky to be able to be a part of this world and enjoy its infinite beauty – even though we’re not always worthy of it.
Nature is incredible, and the video below is just one more example that shows this is true. The clip takes us inside an incredible cave: Hang Son Doong or “River Mountain Cave.”
The cave was the largest unexplored cave in the world – until now, that is. The cave is so massive that it could easily fit a Boeing 747. What’s more, the cave actually has its own weather patterns. This includes clouds, fog and even wind currents. It’s basically a world within a world, and it’s absolutely fascinating.
And now, thanks to filmmaker Ryan Deboodt, we can all take a look inside this wonder of nature.
Using a drone, the filmmaker managed to capture some incredible footage of the cave and its extensive cavern systems.
Ready for one of the best flights of your life? This is incredible!

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