Dozens Of Dancers Face Away, Instant They Spin Around Crowd Loses It As Their Legs Move To The Beat

Woodlands High School Highsteppers drill team is probably one of the best drill groups in the United States and their performance captured in the video below definitely proves it. The Highsteppers have been a part of The Woodlands High School since the school first opened its doors back in 1976.
Mothers, daughters and sisters were lucky enough to share the experience of being a Highstepper, so whenever the group performers, chances are there is a former member of the group watching from the stands with happiness, knowing that someone in their family has followed into their footsteps.
With every new generation of members, the team only seemed to improve and gain more fans throughout the world. The level of skill the team performing in competition today possesses is downright impressive.
But maybe the most impressive thing of them al is the fact that, throughout the four decades since the group was active, their passion for this type of dance remained just as strong. Each one of the team members knows the value of hard work, sacrifice, success and camaraderie and that shows in every single one of their performances.
You need to see their flawless execution!

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