Don’t ever give up — How 4 words and a special surgery made her dreams come true

Need your dose of inspiration to help you get through the day and give you a new perspective on your problems? Then you definitely need to watch the video below.
The clip shares some insight into the life of a truly remarkable teenage girl. You see, Gabi’s right leg was amputated after she was diagnosed with cancer at age nine. Gabi underwent a less known procedure called rotationplasty. What makes this surgery so special is the fact that it involves doctors reversing and re-attaching a patient’s lower leg to their upper thigh.
It’s what doctors did in Gabi’s case. In a nutshell, the doctors basically removed her knee area where the cancer was in, took her lower leg and foot, twisted it 180 degrees backwards, and re-attached it to her upper thigh. Now, her ankle accesses her knee joint, and whenever she points her foot, it strengthens the prosthesis. The purpose of the surgery was to give Gabi more mobility so she can walk without aid.
In the video below, cancer survivor and The Truth 365 spokesperson Gabi Shull explains her surgery. Please check it out and go to to Join the Movement!

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