Dogs Hilariously Sing Star Wars Theme Song in Classic Ad

Is this group of dogs embracing the allure of the dark side? In a classic advertisement by Volkswagen, an ensemble of dogs unites to perform Darth Vader’s iconic theme from Star Wars. Initially, their barks create a symphony of noise, but gradually, they harmonize into the recognizable melody. It’s truly fascinating to contemplate whether the esteemed Star Wars music composer, John Williams, could have envisioned such a rendition.

Moreover, keep a keen eye out for the cameo appearance of “Bones Mello the AT-AT dog.”

You can listen to the captivating performance in the video below. As one viewer humorously remarked, “Come to the Bark Side… we have biscuits!”

Another viewer expressed their appreciation, stating, “This is underrated. Just watched it for the first time, and I think it’s freaking awesome. They probably put a lot of effort into editing it, and the result is still remarkable.”

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