Dog wants some treats from the boy, but WATCH the way he asks for them — So CUTE

It’s pretty common knowledge that dogs love treats and that they will go to extreme lengths just to get their paws on them. From barking at their owners to rolling down on the floor, every dog has his own way of trying to get their owners to give them some treats.
Well, the dog in the video below has a more special way to ask for treats, and it’s as cute as can be. The dog was rescued by the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) team and is now living the good life with a family who loves him. So the dog knows it’s okay to ask for treats. But the way he does it is extremely funny. It’s like he doesn’t want to cause his family too much trouble.
The clip you are just about to see shows the military rescue dog gently tap his owner’s back to ask for scraps from the dinner table. He’s careful not to make too much noise or disturb his family from enjoying a nice, quiet dinner.
Still, the food just smells too darn good for the dog to be able to resist asking for a treat. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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