This big, bad doggie wants a little, fluffy kitty

Talking dogs will never stop to fill our hearts with joy – and this is just one more example of why we love these kids of videos so much.
If you’re a dog lover, then chances are you’ve thought about the prospects of dogs suddenly starting using words to express themselves. After all, not few are the occasions on which dogs act like they can really understand every single word that comes out of our mouth, right?
Well, the owner in the video below decided to turn this owner “fantasy” of dogs being able to talk into reality, and with some clever montage and use of humor, he managed to do just that.
The result is a viral video about a dog who really wants a kitten as a companion, and it will definitely put a smile on your face.
I don’t know what’s more hilarious: the dog’s face expressions, the dialogue, or both of these elements together. The video got almost 40 million views so far, and it’s really no surprise why.
This never gets old, so even if you’ve already watched this, I know you won’t miss out on the opportunity to see it again!

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