Dog is shot 4 times while saving soldier’s lives


Even though we may not realize it, we rely on our dogs for a lot of different things. We turn to them for affection, for kindness, for compassion. We turn to them when we’re feeling lonely, bored or when we want someone to share our happiness with.
But in war zones like Afghanistan, the stakes are much higher. Soldiers there rely on dogs for protection and often trust them with their lives. It’s what happened in the case of the veteran in the video below.
Sgt. Julian McDonald was in Afghanistan when he ended up in the middle of a firefight. With bullets flying out everywhere around him, the experienced soldier knew that there was a pretty high chance that he wouldn’t make it out alive.
Luckily, he had his trusted canine colleague named Layka to rely on. Layka is a Belgian Malinois with extensive training as a combat dog. In the middle of fight, Layka obeyed orders and scouted a nearby building to clear it of any attacker.
Layke managed to secure the area for her human colleagues, but unfortunately, was hit four times by enemy fire. The dog was rushed to the hospital as soon as possible and was immediately taken into surgery.
Although her condition was pretty serious, Layka survived at the cost of losing one of her front legs.
When Sgt. Julian McDonald found out that heroic dog who saved him survived, he decided to do something to thank Layka for her incredible actions. McDonald ended up adopting her, and she is now a part of his family.
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