Why Doctors Want You to Avoid Flip-Flops This Summer – The 1 Hidden Danger

Flip-flops are definitely a summer essential for a lot of people. As the weather warms up and the temperatures go above 30 degrees Celsius, most of us are willing to sacrifice fashion for comfort. There’s no denying that this type of footwear is comfortable, but doctors advise against them. In fact, you should only reserve them for when you are going to the beach.
Why? What could be so harmful about flip-flops, right? Well, as it turns out there are many different reasons why you should avoid wearing them this summer. For starters, they expose your feet to bacteria and fungal infections every time you wear them in public spaces, like the mall, for instance.
Also, despite the fact that they may feel really comfortable when you first put them on, flip-flops, particularly the ones made with plastic, can cause all kinds of painful blisters that can easily get infected due to the heat and exposure to heat.
Another reason to avoid wearing flip-flops in the summer is because they make you a lot clumsier. You’re more likely to trip, fall and even injure yourself while wearing these types of shoes compared to sportswear, for example.
As you can see, there are many reasons to stop wearing flip-flops this summer. But this doesn’t mean you need to give them up altogether. You can still wear them to the beach, spas, and in the shower after going to the pool.
To get more useful information about this topic, make sure to watch the video below.

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