Diver cuts whale shark loose from painful entanglement in fishing rope

The incredible video below was uploaded on YouTube by the Smithsonian Channel and shows the incredible moment a whale shark cooperates with a diver trying to save him to get untangled from a commercial fishing rope that was threatening its life.
The commercial fishing industry poses tremendous dangers to marine creatures. In fact, the U.S. government estimates that as many as 100,000 marine mammals are killed or injured by this industry every year.
Nonprofit organizations that fight to protect marine life have spoken against the use of fishing nets as sea many times, but little has been done to protect these creatures. The commercial fishing industry turns in a huge profit, so the life of these animals that get killed is often considered as collateral damage that can be ignored.
Still, it’s hard to ignore video like this that show just how sufferance these fishing ropes bring. Seeing that fishing rope wrapped around the shark, cutting into its fins, it’s not something that can easily be forgotten.
Make sure to share this powerful story of animal resilience and human kindness with all of your family and friends online. This way, more people are aware of what the commercial fishing industry does to these poor creatures.


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