Disabled Wife Notices Husband Secretly Slipping Away To Garage, She Walks In And Starts Crying

If you truly love someone, you always want them to lead the best life possible and are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure that happens. Brad and Liz Soden know what truly love looks like and how it feels like.
For the past years, they’ve been the perfect couple, sharing both the good and the bad, loving one another through it all. Their relationship was put the test early on. Just three months before their wedding, the two were involved in a car accident that left Brad with minor injuries.
Unfortunately, Liz wasn’t that lucky, and the accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. This meant Liz could no longer do many of the things that made her feel happy and independent.
All of the sudden, she was forced to lead a life that was full of restrictions and limitations. The worst part was that Liz felt like she was no longer a part of the family, because she couldn’t do many of the activities she usually did with her family, like go camping and hiking together.
She would always have to wait in the car during these types of activities and felt like she was missing out on her family.
Knowing how much all this affected Liz, Brad decided to work on finding a solution that would help his beloved wife feel like a part of the family again. So he built her new device which he named “Tank-chair” and that has capabilities that go way beyond those of a regular wheelchair.
The special chair is not only faster than typical wheelchairs but it also has the ability to conquer any terrain and handle a wide array of obstacles.
Thanks to it, Liz can now enjoy speeding more quality time outdoors with her family. Take a look:

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