Devastated Mom Begs Parents to Have Their Doctors Ask Their Sick Child 4 Important ‘T’ Questions

As a parent, there is nothing more devastating than losing a child. The Baldwin family of Wales unfortunately knows this way too well after having lost their 13-year-old child named Peter. And now, they want to warn other parents to keep an eye for a common disease that can easily get undetected.
It all started when Peter began showcasing flu-like symptom. At first, his mom thought he was just feeling a bit under the weather, but when the symptoms didn’t go away, mom suspected it was something more serious than that.
After going to the doctors, Peter was given antibiotics because doctors believed he had a chest infection. But the treatment didn’t help him. In fact, it only seemed to make things worse, and Peter’s health condition was rapidly deteriorating.
In addition to feeling tired all the time, Peter was also starting to lose weight and was thirsty all the time. And in just a matter of days, Peter was gone. It was an emergency responder who correctly diagnosed Peter with type 1 diabetes, but unfortunately, it was too late for him.
Make sure it’s not too late for you or someone you know and educate yourself about the full meaning of the four Ts that stand for: Toilet (people whose bodies don’t produce enough insulin often find themselves going to the toilet very often), Thirsty (feeling thirsty all the time could be a sign of diabetes), Tired (pay attention to your energy level), Thinner (unexpected weight loss).
Get more information by watching the video below.

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