Dancers stand face to face. When she takes a step,don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

In case you’re an aficionado of astounding move schedules, you must see this video.

The video, “Hand to hand act by Valeriy and Yulia 745,” which was transferred to YouTube in 2011, flaunts the special move stylings of Valeriy and Yulia.

Valeriy and Yulia are a move group from the Ukraine. They have practical experience close by to-hand moving, which implies that amid their schedule, Valeriy and Yulia dependably have some sort of association with one another through their hands.

Yulia is the ideal accomplice for Valeriy. She speaks to womanliness and daintiness, while Valeriy, who moves exposed chested, speaks to manliness and quality. In this specific video, they are moving to Nneka’s melody “Pulse.”

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