Dad’s Trying to Hang a Shelf, Toddler’s “Advice” Has Mom Running for The Camera

Kids definitely have a different way of seeing the world. To them, everything is a new and exciting discovery, which is just one of the reason we love them some much. Having a kid around always comes with unexpected opportunities to see things in a different light and gain new perspective on certain aspects of your life you may thought you had all figured out.
Also, kids always like to get involved in whatever their parents are doing, and the video below is an excellent example of that.
While dad was working on some projects to renovate the home, an adorable toddler can be seen wanting to enter the room so that he can help out his dad. But because he’s just too tiny to start working with power tools, his dad decided he’s better off just watching all the action from the side.
Still, that doesn’t stop the kid from pitching in some ideas in regard to how dad should really be hanging the shelf in the kitchen. The boy’s babbling is hard to make sense off, but because he knows his son pretty well, dad gets that his opinions are pretty intense.
So dad decided to just pretend him and his son are having an argument to amuse his wife who was video recording the entire moment. Well, as parents, we’re always told we should let our kids express themselves and have form their own opinions, but no one says we need to agree with the all the time, right?
If you’re looking for a video to put a smile on your face, then this is the right clip for you.

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