Dad’s Catches Toddler Singing ‘Part of Your World’ – Video Goes Viral with 15 Million Views

What was your favorite Disney movie growing up? Well, regardless of what your answer might be, there is no denying the fact that the movie soundtrack played an important part in your choice. Disney movies usually have great, timeless music; the kind you remember for years and years ahead.
But while most of us can sing along to our favorite songs, not everyone does it as well as the incredible little girl in the video below. And guess what? She is only three-years-old!
Despite her young age, Claire has already recorded several songs in her dad’s professional recording studio. Among them, this magical rendition of “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid movie.
Seeing that their little daughter has a passion for music, Claire’s parents, Dave and Ashley Crosby, decided to start a YouTube channel to share Clare’s talent with the world. And it was definitely an inspired decision considering that within days, Claire’s wonderful renditions started gaining a lot of followers.
This performance alone was viewed more than 12 million times already. Now, Claire is even starring in her own music videos – melting hearts worldwide. Young talent like this deserves your support, so please take a moment to share this clip with others.

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