Dad Sings ‘You Are So Beautiful to Me.’ Baby Girl’s Response Bringing Tears to All

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing your baby smile? As a parent, you would do whatever it takes to make sure your baby always has a smile on his or her face. That’s what you live for.
And the dad in the video below definitely knows what to do to make her little baby smile for minutes and minutes in a row. Despite the fact that his infant daughter is only a couple of months old, an age when it’s highly unlikely for babies to smile for so long, he can make her smile by simply singing to her.
The song he picked is perfect. “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker perfectly sums up this dad’s endless love and affection for his beautiful baby daughter. It’s a known fact that babies have the incredible ability to pick up on emotional cues from others, as soon as they are born.
And nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below. This baby’s reaction is the best thing you’ll see today. She clearly adores her daddy just as much as he adores her.

What a beautiful daddy-daughter moment they shared! One of many more to come, we’re sure!

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