Dad Serenades Disabled Son, Breaks down When He Sees His Little Boy’s Smile.

The video below shows the moment a father is reduced to tears by a heartwarming gesture coming from his deaf son, and it’s something that is definitely going to bring tears to your eyes as well.
It was the boy’s mom who captured the special interaction between her boyfriend, Zach Oxendine, and their baby boy, Judah. Now the video is going viral, and it’s for all the right reasons.
You see, Judah is a special needs boy. Having been born prematurely at just twenty-three weeks old, Judah weighed less than two pounds at birth. What’s more, he suffered from bleeding in his brain and had to undergo several surgeries to recover.
Through it all, Judah kept a smile on his face. And now, he is making everyone around him smile every chance he gets. So when his dad started singing to him, the boy put his head on his chest to hear the vibrations coming of his father’s voice. Although he cannot hear his voice, the little boy can most definitely feel the emotion and the love his dad feels for him.
This is a special moment that speaks volumes about the bond that exists between a father and his son; one that you’ll want to share with others.

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