Dad Heartbroken When Daughter Buys Ice Cream Instead Of Helping Homeless Man, Blindsides Him With Next Move

Kids love ice cream, that’s a fact. And if you’re a parent or caretaker, then you know that kids would go to extreme lengths to get their hands on the delicious dessert. But it’s also true that kids are extremely kind and generous.
So what do you think the kids in the video below did when offered the choice between buying a cone of scrumptious ice cream for them and using the money to help a homeless man in need?
As parents, we always try to teach our kids to be compassionate and kind, but the seed is already there, because kids are innately good. But, still, it’s hard for someone their age to sacrifice something to help someone they don’t even know.
If you’re curios to find out how these kids reacted, make sure to watch the video below. There’s one kid in particular who will surprise you with her gesture.
You’ll have to watch the clip to get the full effect, but I will say this: these kids will restore your faith in humanity. And I know we could all use more of that during these troublesome time.
There is so much we can learn from kids, and this clip proves it. What an incredible life lesson!

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