This Dad Draws On His Son’s Lunch Bags to Help Him Make Friends

Whether we like to admit it or not, it has become increasingly hard to make friends these days. You would think it’s easier for kids, but with all the bullying that takes place in schools throughout the country, going to someone and saying “Hey, want to be my friend?” is no longer as easy as it used to be.
It’s even harder if you’re a shy person like the kid in the video below. Nicholas Cabolo was struggling to make friends in school, but luckily, his super creative dad came up with a solution to help him socialize at school.
You see, the man is a graphic artist from Glendale, California and he decided to use his skills to help his son out. That’s how he came up with the idea to start creating amazing drawings on his son’s brown paper lunch bags. And his drawings are the ultimate ice-breakers!
So far, the boy’s dad has drawn has drawn about 400 pictures of superheroes, movie characters and pop culture icons on his son’s lunch bags. The man has drawn pretty much anyone who might appeal to his son’s colleagues, from Captain America to Darth Vader to Kobe Bryant.
Here’s what the creative dad said in a recent interview: “It would spur a conversation. If it was a movie, then we would talk about what happened or our favorite scenes,” said dad. “More people would talk or people I don’t talk to would start talking to me about what he has drawn on bags.”
Once his drawings surfaced the internet, dad started getting plenty of attention from fans, but his biggest reward is seeing his son happy and getting to share this with him. The man also said he will continue to draw pictures on his son’s lunch bags for as long as he wants him to.
Now, this is a great father!

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