This Dad Designs Spectacular Disney Princess Dresses for His Daughter

Every little girl’s is to be a princess, have amazing gowns, sparkling shoes and a tiara that shines brighter than the world’s most expensive diamond. Well, the little girl in the video below is lucky enough to have the wardrobe of a real-life Disney princess, and it’s all thanks to her incredibly talented dad.
Nephi Garcia has turned his passion for designing clothes into a successful business. The man creates amazing Disney costume for kids. But his business really took off after a visit he took with his young daughter Lili to Disneyland.
Nephi Garcia took his kids on a trip to the famous amusement park. For the special occasion, he made his daughter a one-of-a-kind dress that would help her blend in with some of the other Disney princesses at the park.
The dress didn’t go unnoticed, and Garcia ended up leaving the park with ten new customers who were interested in buying dresses for their kids. The dresses he creates were a huge hit among the girls and women visiting the park.
And although Garcia is now creating dresses for dozens of woman and little girls, his daughter Lili is still his favorite model. And Lili couldn’t be happier!
After all, having a wardrobe full of princess like dresses is every girl’s dream, right?
If you want to check more of this dad’s designs, you should know he calls himself Designer Daddy. His social media accounts, especially his Instagram, have blown up after images of his breathtaking designs for kids have surfaced online.

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