Crowd Gathers To Hear Teen’s Haunting Elvis Classic, But 1 Stranger Lurking Has Plans Of His Own

We’ve all had dreams that just seemed impossible to reach. They were not practical or sustainable enough, so we ended up just giving up on them and chose a career path that was less fulfilling but helped pay the bills.
Well, some people out there stick with their dreams and don’t give up, no matter how tough things get. Natasha Cook Jenkins of Glasgow, Scotland is one of those people. Her biggest dream has always been to sing and use her talent to entertain and connect with other people.
And she was determined to pursue it, even if it meant stepping way outside her comfort zone. For her, that meant unpacking her instruments in the city center of Glasgow, and sing the best she could, even if she had no audience.
One day, the unthinkable happened. As she was singing one of her favorite David Bowie songs, the man who produced that song happened to pass by and heard her performance. The man instantly stopped and told her it was the best rendition of the song he’s came across in a really long time.
What happened next changed Natasha’s life forever in a way she never expected. Listen to Natasha’s incredible voice and story in the video below:

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