Couple Adopts 4 Siblings & Their Family’s Reactions To The News Is Making Us Cry

Over the past few months, the couple in the video below has been announcing to their family and friends that they are adopting not one but four children! And they made sure they got everyone’s reaction on video.
Later, they compiled everybody’s reactions into a 9-minute long clip that captures the pure joy and excitement they’ve experienced when hearing the big news.
Tammy and Drew Waltz of Charlotte, North Carolina have always wanted a big family, and for them, the best option to have the family they’ve always wanted was adoption.
The couple adopted the four siblings from Eastern Europe, and although the children don’t yet speak English, it was clear from the first day they’ve met them that they will be a part of their family.
Even though many of the couple’s family and friends were a bit shocked to hear about their decision to adopt four children at once, everyone welcomed the four siblings with open arms.
It’s touching to see so much joy on their faces as they find out there are going to be four more seats at the dinner table from now on. This is definitely the kind of video you’ll want to share with others.

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