Cop’s Stunned When Figure Runs Towards Him On Highway, Realization Has His Blood Running Cold


A sheriff’s deputy in western Oregon sprang into action after driving on the highway after dark and coming across a two-year-old toddler running down the middle of the busy road. The entire moment was caught on the dashcam inside the police car.
According to the investigations that followed, the youngster had apparently got away from his parents through an open door while they weren’t looking. The parents were busy cleaning up after a party, and the young child just slipped away and made his way onto the highway.
When the police officer contacted the parents of the boy, the concerned mom and dad were already frantically looking for him down the street where they live.
Luckily, the police officer spotted the child on the road before anything happened to him, and the boy made it home without a single scratch. Needless to say that things could have ended much worse, considering it was dark outside and a small child in the middle of the highway is not something drivers can spot in time to stop.
The parents weren’t charged with anything, as authorities classified the case as an accident. Still, they are using this footage to raise awareness and educate about the importance of always paying attention when behind the wheel.
A second of taking your eyes off the road can make the difference between life and death, as you could face unexpected situations at any given time when driving. So please share this clip so that as many people as possible are reminded of this.