Cops approach teen in dead of night. Then he says he’s walking “5 hours’ home from work”

Many of us have to make sacrifices to keep our jobs and make a living. But while some of us have to make small compromises, like only sleeping 5 hours per night, others are forced to take extreme measures.
The young man in the video below named Duncan is only 18 years old, but he already knows what it means to work hard and make sacrifices just to put food on the table. It might sound like something that is not humanly possible, but Duncan used to walk up to five hours to and from work every single day.
However, that changed when a group of generous police officers learned about his situation and decided to do something to help make the boy’s commute easier.
Duncan was walking at night, heading home from work, when he was stopped by a police car. The boy assumed he was in some kind of trouble for being out on the streets so late in the night.
But the police officers actually stopped him to ask him where he was walking to. When they found out that his home was so far away, the officers decided to give him a ride. On the ride home, they found out more about Duncan’s story and his incredible work ethic.
The teen explained that his family relies on him to put food on the table, so he has to keep his job in order to feed his siblings.
As you can imagine, the police officers were touched by his story, and then shared it with everyone in their police department. What happened next will bring you to tears!
Find out how they surprised Duncan by watching the video below.

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