Confused Drivers See Trucker On Roadside with Hand Over Heart, Then Spot WWII Funeral Procession

`The image of a man standing on the freeway just inches away from oncoming traffic with his hand on his heart is going viral online – and it’s all for the right reasons.
The image got thousands of likes and shares on social media within hours since being published, but the really incredible thing is the story behind the image. You see, the man in the picture is just a regular person, a stranger who wanted to pay his respects towards those who sacrificed their lives to protect the ideals and principals that make his country great.
The man had pulled over to salute the funeral processions for a WWII veteran. The person who took his picture is actually the husband of the woman whose grandfather was buried that day. Kristen Collins is a granddaughter of deceased World War II veteran Fred Ladage, a man whom she describes as having an immense commitment to his family – and to his country.
The day she had to say goodbye to him was an incredibly painful one, but she says that her encounter with the stranger who took time from his day to salute the procession helped her through it. What’s more, the woman actually got to meet the man and thank him in person for his gesture that day.
The stranger turned out to be an Army man himself, so he knows all about the sacrifices and hurdles that one has to overcome to serve his/her country.
This is the kind of things that you see happen in movies, but reality beats any Hollywood script any day of the week.

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