Colleagues Laugh at ‘Awkward’ Doctor for Writing Name On Cap, Don’t Realize It Saves Lives

If you’ve ever had to undergo surgery under full anesthesia, then you know that those first few seconds after waking from the surgery can be terrifying. You’re confused and don’t know where you are, and panic can easily set in.
But all the important stuff actually happens when you are unconscious. Then is when every seconds counts and every delay can lead to serious problems in the operating room. To reduce the odds of any delays taking place in the OR, Sydney based anesthetist Dr. Rob Hackett decided to wear a scrub cap with his name and job title written on it.
His idea raised a few eyebrows, but it’s something that could actually save lives. “When you work across four or five hospitals and with hundreds of people, I’d say 75 per cent of staff I walk past I don’t know their name,” he told to the Sydney Morning Herald explaining his choice to wear a cap with his name on it. “It’s quite awkward.”
And it makes sense. Every second someone from the medical staff spends trying to remember each other’s names and the medical operations they are trained to perform runs in the disadvantage of the patient lying on the table.
After images of Dr. Rob Hackett wearing his special scrub cap in the operating room surfaced online, more and more medical personnel from all over the country are starting to see the use in his idea and implement in the hospital where they work as well.
So this seemingly simple idea might actually change medicine forever. Be sure to check out the video below for more information.