City Won’t Let Veterans Stay Homeless, Builds Tiny Homes. Gives Them To Vets For Free

Although it’s impossible to give an exact number, officials estimate that about 0.5% of the entire population in the United States is homeless. Out of the total homeless population, about 10% are homeless veterans. In January 2014, communities across America identified 49,933 homeless veterans. Clearly, it’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
Although there are many programs across the nation meant to help homeless veterans, most of these programs focus on offering them immediate but temporary help, such as temporary shelter and food.
The project shown in the video below has a different approach, and organizers say it will help homeless veterans get off the streets and into stable job. The goal is to offer the community’s military veterans a more sustainable solution by providing them with permanent shelter.
The organizers are planning to do so by building individual tiny homes for each homeless veteran. The homes provide all the amenities and comfort a person needs to live a decent life. By providing them with an adequate living environment, the organization hopes to ultimately help veterans regain their independence.
You can find out more about their initiative by watching the video below.

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