Chinese police officer sets up nursing home for retired police dogs

Police dogs are well known for the amazing job they do, and we’ve all seen stories where they are called heroes and where they are praised for saving the lives of fellow officers and victims. All this is well-deserved, but have you ever wondered what happens to these dogs once they retire?
It’s not a topic that gets a lot of exposure, but it’s important to know that for some retired police dogs, life means living in a small cage somewhere, or worse, living on the street. The man in the video below just couldn’t live with the thought that some of these dogs that have contributed to such an extent to the well-being of our society would now have to survive in poor conditions
Bai Yan lives in the eastern area of the Zhejiang province in China. For the past decade, he was in charge of handling the 30 police dogs that were employed by his police department. During this time, the man really got to bond with the dogs and see them as real partners and friends.
This is why the man decided to sets up a nursing home for retired police dogs using his own time and money. It’s the norm in China for canine police officers that retire to remain at the station or department where they served.
The problem is, only a small percentage of these stations have adequate resources to care for canine retirees that are usually old and have special medical needs.
So Bai’s work is definitely significant. Watch the video below to learn more about it!

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