Child Screams For Help As Mom Faints— Cameras Catch Bus Driver’s Compassionate Reaction.

They say that the way you respond in an emergency situation says a lot about who you are as person, but it’s safe to say that even adults would panic in a situation where a loved is in serious danger – not to mention children who are a lot more vulnerable than we are.
No one wishes to experience this type of circumstance. However, life is full of unpredictable events, so the only thing we can hope is that if something bad does happen, there will be people around who will step in and help.
That is exactly what happened after a woman passed out on the street from a seizure, and her little girl looked to MCTS driver Michelle Mixon for help. The frightening scene was captured on video, but it was the bus driver’s compassionate reaction that has captured people’s hearts online.
You can watch the entire scene unfold and see how the bus driver tried to comfort the frightened little girl by pressing the play button. These are the kind of positive stories that we all need more of in our lives, so please consider sharing this with all of your friends and family online.

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