Cat Dad Fakes His Own Death In Front Of His Kitty, Doesn’t Expect A Reaction Like This


If you’ve ever had a pet, then chances are you’ve wondered what your pet would do if you were suddenly out of the picture. How would your beloved dog or cat react to you no longer being there for them?
Well, not a lot of people like to think about a scenario in which they no longer exist. However, the man in the video below decided to take this idea even further and set up an experiment to find out how his cat Sparta would react to him dying in front of her.
After placing the camera in a position that would enable him to capture the entire moment on video, the man faked a heart attack and patiently waited on the floor for his cat to come over and see him lying there.
So how do you think the cat reacted? Do you think she showed concern and tried to help her owner or that she just went on with her day as if nothing ever happened? More than five million people who have already watched this fun clip already know the answer.
If you’re curious to know the answer as well, go ahead and watch the clip right away.