Cashier Is Shocked When This Woman Refused To Use Her Gift Card. But What Followed Is Perfect.

(I am working the register over Christmas.) Me: “Find everything today?” Client: “Yup.” (Note: she is quiet through the exchange, which incorporates a blessing card.) Me: “What amount would you like on this?” Client: “Goodness, too bad. Could I have $150?” Me: “No issue.” Client: *after paying* “Would you be able to help me out?” *she gives me the blessing card* “The following client you see that you think could utilize this, might you be able to offer it to them?”…….”The individual before you gave me a $150 blessing card to use for the following individual I thought could utilize it. You appear as though you’re having a harsh day, so here are your perishables, and there’s about $130 left on this card.”



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