6 Boys Decided to Carry the Body of Someone They Never Knew, Their Reason Reminds Us to Do Good

It’s easy to feel entitled to only think about yourself. After all, we all have problems and difficulties we have to overcome. But that doesn’t mean we can allow  to forget about how important it is to do good just because we can.
Six students from University of Detroit Jesuit High School became an inspiration to hundreds of people after a kind gesture they’ve made has gone viral on social media.
Also the boys have come up with a unique way to honor our nation’s fallen heroes. They boys decided to serve as pallbearers in unclaimed veterans’ funeral services.

It all started when high school Senior, Joshua Gonzales, came up with the idea to do something to offer some dignity to homeless people in Detroit who had passed away. He and a few of his friends wanted to volunteer at funerals for homeless individuals because they think everybody deserves to transition from this world into a better one with dignity and kindness.
As more students joined their cause and offered to volunteer their time, the job become more specific, and they now act as the pallbearers for homeless veterans whose bodies unfortunately went unclaimed.
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