A campus cop is in for a HUGE surprise…

Let’s not beat around the bush about this one: Police officers haven’t exactly been portrayed in the best light in the media lately.
All these stories about officers of the law abusing authority and making bad calls while on duty are spreading like wildfire across social networks causing many people, especially young people, to start losing their trust in those who are there to protect them.
This is why it’s so important to showcase positive examples among police officers (which are many); strong men and women who go well above and beyond their line of duty to make a difference for the better in their communities.
One of those police officers is officer Mitch, who for the past few years has been a campus cop at Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA.
The man managed to really bond with the teens and kids there by always being there for them and listening to their problems.
He’s managed to earn their trust, as well as their respect. The kids now know they have someone who always has their back at school. And they wanted to show officer Mitch just how much he means to them.
With a little help from the DUDE. be nice Project, they put together an awesome surprise to honor officer Mitch for everything he’s done for them.
The man’s reaction when he sees the surprise unfold is one of the best things you’ll see all week. At the end of the day, police officers are only humans, which means they too can get overwhelmed with emotions.
*those are happy tears, just so you know.

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