They call him Superman because he can leap over this house in a single bound

Damien Walters is a British gymnast, stuntman and parkour practitioner. His skills are downright sensational and got him a large following online. The man has one of the largest following on YouTube, and thousands of people are tuning in each day to see what Damien has been up to lately.
His videos are hugely popular, and many have come to call him a modern Superman. That’s because he really looks like he is flying in most of the videos he uploads on YouTube.
Damien is currently making a living working as a professional stuntman in Hollywood, but actually started his career as a professional gymnast. He started doing parkour as a hobby, and things kind of developed from there.
If this is your first time hearing about Damien, then you’re definitely going to be blown away by what he can do. His stunts look as if they defy the laws of physics, starting with gravity.
The clip below is a compilation showing some of Damien’s most popular stunts. This should go without saying, but you should never try doing any of the stunts shown in this video at home, as it is extremely dangerous, even for professionals.

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