Busker Sings Rod Stewart Classic. Rod Stewart Hears Him, Grabs Mic, And Brings the House Down

Buskers and street performers know that in order to get people to open up their wallets, they need to get their attention first. But one busker in Britain managed to get the attention of someone truly special: one of his idols.
Believe it or not, the famous Rod Stewart happened to be talking a walk around London’s Picadilly Circus and heard the street perform sing one of his greatest hits: “Handbags and Gladrags.” So Stewart decided to surprise him and join him in his performance.
And once he started singing, more and more people began to gather around and listen to Stewart’s raspy, signature voice. As soon as they realized that it’s not a Rod Stewart impersonator but Rod Stewart himself, people immediately began to record what they were seeing.
Believe it or not, the 72-year-old musician is no stranger to busking. In fact, in the beginning of his career, Stewart used to perform on the street to make some money and share his talent with the world.
Nowadays, a ticket to a Rod Stewart concert can cost a couple of hundreds of dollars, and it’s worth every penny, but these lucky passersby got to listen to his incredible voice for free. Check it out.

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