His Brother Was Off to War and His Dad Passed Away Years Ago. This Moment Brought Him to Tears

There is no stronger bond than the one between siblings. Siblings are our greatest supporters and our best friends. They are the ones who know us the best because they are the ones with whom we spend a big chunk of our lives. They know our true personality and our biggest dreams.
The young man in the video below named Meyer has always had a strong relationship with his big brother Bailey. They’ve been through a lot together, and after their dad tragically passed away, Bailey started seeing himself as somewhat of a fatherly figure.
Bailey has been there by his side throughout the most important moments in his brother’s life, but after he enrolled in the Marine Corps, that become harder and harder to do.
Still, he makes sure Meyer knows just how he feels about him and how important he is to him. Just recently, the man surprised him by showing off unexpectedly at one of his basketball games.
Meyer’s reaction as he sees his brother in the crowd is the best thing you’ll see today. This is a great reminder of just how powerful family is. Take a look and don’t forget to share!


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