British Journalist Took A Refugee in Her Home! What followed …

Yasser, a 34-year Syrian refugees arrived in England, but not a priority in terms of integration programs because he was alone, with no wife or child. Yasser was housed in a hostel for the homeless. There he was found by journalist Helen PIDD Guardian.

Once in Europe, Syrian refugees must adapt to his adopted country, to a new life, away from everything that is known. This is the case of Yasser. He arrived in England alone. Because he was alone, he didnt have priority in terms of refugee integration programs.

His luck was named Helen. The woman, a journalist at The Guardian, heard his story and took him home to teach him how to integrate into his new country. The two became good friends, even as Helen says in an article published in the British newspaper.

Yasser Helen spent Christmas together, went with it her even at a Halloween party. The journalist says that a very important role was played by her friends, who have made Yasser feel at home: they learned English, they talked all the time with him, he repaired the bike and they showed how to ride it safely.


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