Bride Loses Father Before Wedding – At The Reception, She Hears Voice Tell Her to Turn Around

As most brides would, Andrea pictured walking down the aisle with her father holding her close. She imagined the father-daughter dance and even the song they would dance to.
But as you probably know, life doesn’t always take our plans into account. And sadly, Andrea’s dad passed away before he had the chance to walk his little daughter down the aisle and dance with her at her wedding.
Knowing how important it was for Andrea to include her dad in the wedding, even if he couldn’t physically be there, Andrea’s brother put together a special surprise for her that will most likely put tears in your eyes.
As the man began to sing a song that had special meaning to Andrea and her dad, one by one, her grandfather, brother and other men from the wedding party invited her to dance as they honored her dad’s memory.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, as Andrea shared her special dance with all those men who were there to support her and showcase their love and affection.
And although no one will ever be able to replace her dad, Andrea knows how lucky she is to have such an incredible support system in her life to help her get through difficult times.

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