Boy interrupts a wedding when he says THIS and it’s too FUNNY

The wedding ceremony is an emotional moment for both the bride and the groom. It’s a moment they will always remember for the rest of their lives. That can be said for the bride and groom in the video below and their wedding ceremony, but it’s not for the reasons you may think.
The main thing they’ll most likely going to remember about that moment of exchanging vows is not how romantic it was or anything like that. That’s because an adorable someone really needed to go to the bathroom and interrupted their moment.
The bride and groom were getting ready to tie the knot, when their son decided to interrupt the moment and ask for a bathroom break. He went straight to his dad, the groom, but as you can imagine, the man was in the middle of something important. The boy’s aunt saved the day and ran as fast as she could on heels, trying to cut that rather embarrassing moment short.
All wedding guests got a good laugh out of it, and the wedding ceremony went on without a hitch from then on.
The entire moment was caught on video, and now that video is going viral. You need to see it!

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